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Top Recruitment Research | Research Services for Recruitment Agencies
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Supporting Recruitment & Search Firms

Market Mapping – Talent Mapping – Name Generation – List Building

Comprehensive Sourcing Support

Candidate Sourcing – Pre-Screening – Passive Search

Recruitment Administrative Support

CV Formatting – Data Entry – Data Management

Recruitment Lead Generation

LinkedIn Leads – SEO – PPC – Social Media



TRR is a specialized research firm that provides broad range of services to recruitment and search businesses. TRR partners with top firms around the globe. In doing so, we provide targeted recruitment research and conduct candidate sourcing, serving as a seamless extension of internal search teams.

Sometimes, all a recruitment businesses needs are an actionable list of prospective candidates and clients. That’s where we come in. We do the research and develop contact information. Our recruitment research team is not only highly skilled in finding top tier Talent, but we also find data for marketing and business development. This is highly customized, industry specific service designed to meet recruitment firms.


We offer recruitment and search firms a wide range of services. Our tailored and cost-effective services include Recruitment Research, Candidate Sourcing, Administrative Support and Lead Generation Services.

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    Why Choose Top Recruitment Research

    Save time, effort and money by outsourcing your Research and Sourcing needs to the experts. We are an established business, consisting of a highly experienced team specialist in recruitment sector. We know how recruitment business works and we only work with tried, tested and proven strategies. We can provide an exceptionally high level of skills, knowledge and experience to compliment your own team of professionals, whenever you need us. Our business is all about providing cost-effective solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

    Value for Money

    Value for Money

    We deliver ROI that positively impacts your profit margins.

    Competitive Services

    Competitive Services

    We do what many others do, only we do it much more effectively.

    Build Your Brand

    Build Your Brand

    From SEO to Social Media, building priceless trust and loyalty.

    Partnerships & Collaboration

    Partnerships & Collaboration

    Build mutually rewarding and valuable business relationships.

    One Stop Solutions

    One Stop Solutions

    We can provide everything that a recruitment agency needs to grow.

    Become a Market Leader

    Become a Market Leader

    We can help you get ahead and stay in front of your competition.

    Client testimonials

    What people say about us

    • “We have been using the services of TRR to proactively supplement our search and candidate sourcing program and highly recommend the service. We find the service of the TRR team to be responsive adaptable and supportive – briefs and responses are delivered back in an efficient and timely manner – great work! And, a great all-round service.”

      Managing Director

      Global Renewable Energy Recruiter

    • “Top Recruitment Research are definitely a top research firm! They provide a high degree of client care and consistently maintain high quality standards throughout their delivery. They have been supporting us with Talent Mapping and Candidate Sourcing services, both of which are paying dividends. We are very happy with the service and long may it continue.”


      Leading Technical Recruitment Firm

    • “We work with TRR when extra capacity is required in our team. The service is slick with us providing a brief in the evening and by the time we come into work the next day data have been sent ready for us to take action. They are an easy business to work with and we have never had any issues around communication which can be a reservation for lots of people when using a service like this.”

      Managing Director

      Executive Search Firm


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